UsagiPixelPuzzle (Anime Color Number)

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앱 설명

Here is a pixel coloring - each color has its own number.

By purchasing the game for a nominal price, you support the fan group in developing and updating games for you. You also get 1000 inside the game currency for easy passing the game.

- Enlarge the picture to numbers with two fingers.
- Hold your finger on the number to open the magnifying glass, as well as for quick painting.
- Use a color bomb to paint over different elements.
- Use a magic wand to paint over all the adjacent elements of one digit.

Pixel Coloring of famous girls in anime sailor suits

By deleting the game from the phone you lose all your progress.

This application is made by a fan group, and it is unofficial. The content of this application is not related, not endorsed, not sponsored by any company. This application is mainly for entertainment and for all Anime fans, all matches with real characters are random.

セーラー服 sailor hat 우왁굳

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