Bouncy the Balloon

퍼블리셔: Novitell Game Studios
가격: 무료 인 앱 구매 추가

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앱 설명

After thousands of years of joy, freedom and friendship, it's over.

With his sorcery, the evil Urkaal has captured all the friendly beings of the universe.

He has spread his evil with bombs and mines over cities and forests, over oceans and skies.

No one dares to step outside anymore. No one but a brave young balloon, called Bouncy.

Bouncy has been raised into a friendly but fearless balloon. He cannot stand the idea that his universe has been captured by evil.

So, he tells his friends back home that he will travel the worlds, to search and find Urkaal in his secret pyramid temple, somewhere in the universe.

He promises that he will not give up until he finds this evil man, with the black beard and the long black coat, that has made everyone fear him.

Then Bouncy the Balloon sets off into the skies, on an adventure never seen before.

He travels over cities, deserts and oceans.

He flies into the light blue skies, and even reaches the dark space, with its moons and planets.

He will never give up his promise, no matter how long it takes or how far he must travel.

And as he travels, he notices that the good beings of the worlds are helping him on his journey.

They place bouncers, coins, duct tape and wrenches along his path.

This makes Bouncy very happy and strengthens his faith.

One day, Bouncy says to himself, I will find the evil Urkaal.

I will take care of him once and for all.

No black magic, no dark eyes, no evil thoughts will stop me then.

I will bring light and joy back into this universe.

This game is very easy to play:

- Select the first world and press the PLAY button.

When in the game:

- Press the up lever to climb with the ballon.
- Press the down lever to descend with balloon.

- Keep an eye on the damage bar at the top left of the screen to know how damaged your balloon is.

- Collect wrenches and duct tape to repair damages to the balloon.

- Collect coins to be able to unlock new levels after landing, and to buy addons.

- Use the in game store, to buy more coins to be able to use addons more extensively. You can use a booster engine to make the balloon go backwards, sandbags to make the balloon ascend faster and the pulse-effect, to explode mines before hitting them.


Bouncy Balloon is the first android game from Novitell Game Studios in Sweden.

The idea has been to create a fun and happy challenging game with a retro flavor of the 1980s, while bringing a new kind of platform game sensation to the players.

The graphics and the music bear similarities with classical games of the 1980:s.

Read all about Bouncy the Balloon here:

Fly safe!!

flysafe bouncy 黒ひげ 한번눌러서부스트 appointment with fear 黒ヒゲ 바운 sandbag

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