Learn ABC Alphabets & 123 Numbers Kids Game

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앱 설명

Learn ABC game helps toddlers, preschoolers to learn Alphabets, Phoenics, Sequence & Numbers. It’s a cool kids game which will help kids to get acquainted with Alphabets and number quickly.

Learn ABC is a free learning letters app. It’s a super easy and fun way to learn ABC alphabets. Teach your kids the alphabet quickly with the best ABC alphabet tracing.

Abc learning game is an easy way for kids/children/toddlers who are just starting a journey into the English language. This prekindergarten app helps to learn to write each letter by tracing letters and it is an important rehearsal to handwriting.

Easy to learn alphabets and numbers:

Touch and draw alphabets - learning alphabet free game challenges to kids and train them with writing letters and numbers with the help of tracing alphabet letters feature.

Hand symbol - hand symbol showing to trace letters and thier directions. It helps your child to write or trace letters or numbers easily.

Learn ABC with Sound - When your child traces the letter then it moves to make alphabet sound very magically, which loved by children. This interactive sound improves accent using the ABC alphabet phonics.

Learn the alphabet is the best activity for kids. It grows the development of the child. Abcd learning for kids and 123 learning for kids are the best games for them at that age. ABCD letter writing makes children familiar and habitual with the studies and the world in a very creative way! The children will see mobile but for a good reason.

ABC_Tracing / abc_Tracing
Abc learning has the first step of ABC tracing. Children will learn ABC using it. The fun and studies will go hand in hand.

Letters Matching/Alphabet Matching
This ABC learning app makes children bright. The ABC game online with all the different features develops the child’s mindset! Alphabet preschool practice will be done funnily. Children will surely enjoy this ABC learning android app.

As described above this game will make children familiar with the world smartly. The 123 learning in this app is available on android free.

✔ It is Free ABC alphabet for children or kindergarten school children.
✔ Abc alphabet letter tracing - Children will practice writing letters A-Z and Numbers 0-20.
✔ Includes pronunciation, sounds, pictures and more.
✔ Endless alphabet app - Abc alphabet letter tracing app includes more games like Letter Matching, Letter sequence.
✔ Abc alphabet phonics - This app teaches kids how to write letters of the English alphabet and numbers.
✔ Abc tracing and phonics for preschoolers - Trace finger along with the dotted lines. Trace finger is a great way to teach kids and sometimes children love tracing lines.
✔ Free app for kids - Bright and colorful kids educational app for children.
✔ Writing apps for kids - Children will learn “how to write and identify alphabets and numbers”.
✔ Children will easily learn “Draw & Write”.
✔ Best kids alphabet games - Play, Listen and Learn and practice with tracing alphabets and numbers.
✔ Children or kids can easily learn ABC while playing.
✔ Improve development skills while playing alphabet learning games/ABC games/ABCD games for kids.

A simple way to teach your children with ABC learning and writing app,

Learn the shape of numbers or writing of numbers with toddlers counting numbers app
1 2 3 4 5 6…...20
Most Fun to Learn. Download the app and Develop your children’s skills with the ABC game app.
Help your kid succeed with ABC learning apps with colorful features, music, and fun.

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