WhatsSeen Plus - Recover deleted messages

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앱 설명

WhatsSeen Plus recover deleted messages from WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Line and Telegram.

With WhatsSeen your friends, your girlfriend, your boyfriend or your family will never know that your are reading their messages.

Protect yourself from spies like: Spyzie, mspy, whatsdog, whatsagent, bruno espiao, whatsagent, trackers, xnspy, flexispy...

Would you like to read the messages but do not want to reply?

Would you like to see the messages sent to you and then deleted?

Do you hate the "This message was deleted" message from WhatsApp?

Thanks to WhatsSeen Plus all these problems are solved.

The time has come to recover your privacy in social networks and chats. From now on and thanks to our 100% free application, you will be able to read the messages without blue ticks, without the last time online warning and best of all, it is compatible with the most popular messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram , Line, Telegram ...

This last seen hider is very easy to use: when you receive a message from one of the supported Chat Apps, it will also be displayed in WhatsSeen Plus. There, you can read it whenever you want, without having any of your friends knowing that you have seen it.


When a friend sends you a photo and deletes it, with this app you can see the photo that your friend sent you.


Convert "This message was deleted" to original message.


Read your messages WhatsApp in incognito mode and hides the double blue tick. No confirmation read, without blue ticks, without verification ticks or information about your last visit.


● Messenger
● WhatsApp
● Instagram
● Telegram
● Line


WhatsSeen Plus requires Notification Access authorization in order to work properly.
WhatsSeen Plus does not collect or store users' personal data.

WhatsSeen Plus is not affiliated with or endorsed in any way by Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram or Line.
All trademarks displayed on this applications are the property of their respective owners.


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