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Atlas 3D for Kids – Games to Learn World Geography

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앱 설명

Let your kids learn about the wonders of our world and discover its beauty through a fun and interactive app full of games. Download Atlas 3D for Kids to your device and bring the magic of Planet Earth into your children’s hands.

Atlas 3D for Kids is a game that gives kids a chance to explore our planet through challenging activities and games. It features engaging lessons that teach them about rivers, animals, mountains, volcanoes, geography, countries, world capitals, flags and many more elements of learning geography.

Imagine being able to explore some of the world’s most fascinating deserts, mountains, and oceans without actually visiting them. With Atlas 3D for Kids, children get to see the incredible vistas and scenery of the world, even if they can’t be there to experience them in person.

With Atlas 3D for Kids, fantasies about what the rest of the world is like meet reality. Children see amazing features on the planet that look nothing like their own neighborhoods.

The Atlas 3D for Kids app offers 7 applications in 1. With Kids World Atlas, children have access to amazing games and activities, as well as to more than 200 pictures and videos that show Mother Nature and our fantastic planet in all her glory.

What’s in Atlas 3D for Kids?

Atlas 3D for Kids features dozens of great games and activities that teach kids about places they have yet to see as well as those they have already visited. In the Kids World Atlas app, children learn about:

• Lakes and oceans
• Mountains and volcanoes
• Rivers
• Animals
• World curiosities
• World heritage sites
• Deserts
• Countries
• Flags
• World capitals

Download Atlas 3D for Kids and let your children explore some of the most famous lakes, oceans, rivers, mountains, volcanoes, and capital cities in the world. Show them rainforests, lakes, major world landmarks, country flags, geography and more, and engage them in the world outside their own local neighborhood.

How Does It Work?

Download Atlas 3D for Kids to your device, and your kids will have immediate access to totally free and in-app purchased content. Children are free to explore the games as they wish, viewing incredible graphics and reading about exciting Planet Earth! Or they can play the incredible and challenging games!

With Atlas 3D for Kids, children discover the world at their own pace and according to their own interests. We think that you’ll find, however, that when they play Atlas 3D for Kids, they’re intuitively drawn to learning about things they never thought of exploring.

Atlas 3D for Kids game makes learning world geography fun. It’s filled with facts, figures, pictures, videos, and games about the Earth and its wonders. Children have access to a wide array of interesting content about their planet, all in one place!

Why Atlas 3D for Kids?

Atlas 3D for Kids lets children have fun for hours as they play the game to learn about and explore the world. In Atlas 3D for Kids, your kids have access to:

• Exciting content for children ages 5 and above
• Totally free content
• In-app purchased content
• No rules or stress – kids play as much or little as they want to!
• Fascinating graphics
• No third-party advertising
• Learning Geography has never been so fun!

Atlas 3D for Kids is a perfect app to download to your device when you’re going on a long car, airplane, or bus trip. It passes the time while allowing kids to have fun and learn in a way that’s exciting for them.

The Atlas 3D for Kids game is also an ideal learning tool to use at home. Children can use Atlas 3D for Kids to supplement lessons learned at school.

Buy Atlas 3D for Kids once and play it on all of your devices.

Once you purchase and download Atlas 3D for Kids, it’s yours forever. Using the same User ID, just tap “Restore purchases” on your devices and they will automatically update.

Download the Atlas 3D for Kids game now, learning Geography has never been so fun!!!!

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