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앱 설명

Tai Fung Bank Mobile Banking Services
With a fresh look, Tai Fung Bank is proudly bringing you a brand new experience through our latest Mobile Banking App “Tai fung Pay Service”! By providing the innovative Mobile No. Fund Transfer and QR Code Transaction Service, Provides new functions such as “scan code payment”, “payment code payment”, “fingerprint or faceid login”, “fingerprint or faceid payment”, “parking payment”, “scan code transfer”, “business recommendation”, “friend”, etc., which is convenient and quick to operate, Safe and reliable. Professional Stock Quote and Market Information, and thoughtful Branch Ticket Queue and Appointment Services, we offer simple and convenient operation as well as exclusive privileges through the Service – with which your financial needs can be easily managed! You can log in and experience our unique "Tai Fung Pay Service" at any time anywhere.

1. Log in with Fingerprint or FaceID
Just need your fingerprint/FaceID, easily to login. Providing you handy and convenient, security and reliable experiences.
2. Scan QR code payment/Payment Code
Scan QR Code or show payment code, plus touch ID payment or scan your face for authentication; providing you more safety, convenient and easily to shopping.
3. Parking Payment
Scan parking QR code payment or bind license plate No. and account No. for Frictionless Parking Payment, easy to pay and be free to enter and exit
4. My Account
Your account balances and transaction records at a glance. Request for services or report of loss whenever in need.
5. Transfer and Remittance
Fund transfer through the net, efficient banking service at your fingertips. With innovative technology, the QR Code and Mobile No and by Friends. Fund Transfer Services provide innovative and excellent services.
6. Securities Services
Our professional stock trading transactions and IPO Subscription allow you to easily and promptly transfer your funds and offer you real-time stock quotes and market information, which help you to grasp the latest stock updates and achieve your wealth growth – anytime and anywhere.
7. Life Payment
Payment the bill of Water、Electricity、Tax、Wire 、Social Security 、Cable TV on time, anywhere.
8. Travel Insurance
Buy travel insurance anytime, anywhere, with great convenience and peace of mind.
9. Exploring Surprises
To recommend you the trendy stores and their latest promotion; we also providing the Map location of stores;
You can find your favorite shop easily.
10. Appointment Services
Simple operation helps you flexibly manage and save time from queuing.
11. Financial Information
By delivering the latest financial and product information in a timely manner, we make your investments easier.
12. Contact Us
Enables you to easily find a Tai Fung branch, ATM or a 24-hour self-service bank, and get Tai Fung's contact information.

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