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The Activity Bible – Kids under 7 & Sunday School

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앱 설명

Bible Stories and Activities for Kids to Make Teaching the Bible More Effective!
• 42 Bible Stories with more than 84 puzzles, quizzes, pictures to color and differences to discover.
• Teach on a device (iPad, iPhone or iPod), on a big screen (VGA, HDMI or Apple TV) or print the sheets out.
• Help kids under 7 to learn the stories better, get the point and remember them forever in an enjoyable way.
Unique on the App Store!

Based on “The Activity Bible” Worldwide Bestseller. Published in the USA, Europe, Australia and Africa and edited in more than 15 languages.

WINNER – Children’s Book of the Year (under 12s) category, Christian Resources Together Awards

*** Don't miss out on The Activity Bible app for Kids over 7, with the same stories narrated in a simpler way and with adapted activities. ***

>> What is it?
The Activity Bible for Kids under 7 app is an app for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini which contains 42 Bible Stories with 84 activities.

>> Who’s using it?
- Christian Families
- Homeschoolers
- Sunday Schools
- Christian Schools
- Kids Mins and Catechists
- Bible Study Groups
- VBS Vacation Bible Study Camps

>> How can I use it?
You can read the stories and solve the activities in 3 different ways:
1. On the device.
2. Projecting them onto a big screen with a pico-projector or plugging into a big TV.
3. Or printing the stories or the activities out to work on them in a traditional way.

Alternatively you can use a mixture of the different ways. Below you have some examples of use:

- At home
Mary is teaching the Bible Stories to her two children. As they only have one iPad they are reading the stories on the iPad and, in turns, one child solves the activities on the iPad and the other one in print. Mary’s children love to use their iPad at home - not just for games, but also to learn the Bible Stories.

- At the Sunday School
John is a Kids Min who loves teaching the Bible Stories in style with his iPhone. So he connects his iPhone to a pico-projector to show the stories on a big screen. As their kids in the Sunday School do not have iPads, John prints from his iPhone as many activity sheets as he needs for the kids to solve them with color pencils.

- At a Christian School
Sheryl is a teacher at a Christian School. As the school has a set of iPads for the kids, she is teaching the stories by projecting them from her iPad and the kids are solving the activities each with their own iPad in a 1-to-1 style. Sheryl loves to teach the Bible Stories with the most modern technologies.

>> Contents
All of the stories contain text that is faithful to a full Bible translation while being retold in a way that is appropriate for the under 7 years old age range.

All the activities have been created carefully and faithfully with the utmost respect for the Bible.

Here you find the stories of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, David, Jonah, and the events of Jesus’s life, death and resurrection. All contents are strictly Bible-based and non-denominational.

>> Features
- Universal app (iPad and iPhone).
- Quick start and easy to use.
- You can use it offline, if you've downloaded the stories beforehand.
- Connect your device to a projector with VGA, HDMI or Apple TV.
- Connect your device to a Wi-Fi printer.
- Print one story, all of them or just your custom selection.
- Print as many copies as you need.

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