AR Hide & Seek Games for Kids

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호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Appelsin Apps are proud to present the first Hide and Seek augmented reality app in the world and one of the first AR apps in the world for kids under 5 made by ARKit.

AR Hide and Seek is an AR game where you can find different animals in your own environment and it feels like the animals are alive when you play. This is Appelsin Apps first augmented reality game that gives small children under 5 also an opportunity to experience AR games in a kid-friendly way. Appelsin AR Hide and Seek is a fun and educational augmented reality game for small kids - learning while having fun with AR technology!

1. Walk around in your environment with your mobile device for the animals to find places to hide.
2. Start looking for the animals!

- You can play this game both inside and outside so if you are outside playing in the park you can use your device to play as well as if your are at home.
- If you mark a bigger area the animals will become bigger, a smaller area will make the animals smaller.
- You need to get up close to the animal when you find it to be able to touch it.
- You can find five different animals that varies between Zebra Zach, Happy Tiger, Bruno Bear, Kiki Kangaroo, Monkey Moe, Elli Elephant, Pipi Penguin and Gigi Giraffe.
- Educational AR game based on augmented reality that gives small children under 5 an opportunity to also experience an AR app in a playful and kid-friendly way.

Augmented reality takes the world around you and adds virtual objects to it. You can look with your phone, for instance, and see an object standing in your living room. When your app displays that content together with a live camera image, the user experiences augmented reality: the illusion that your virtual content is part of the real world. Great educational AR app to introduce small kids to the augmented reality technology.

Appelsin Apps creates award-winning apps for kids, 1-5 years old. Entertaining and educational games designed to suit small kids in the best way. Number 1 in 15 countries. No ads and No in-app purchases, everything is included.

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Appelsin Hide & Seek augmented reality app is tested by children around 1-5 years old. The interface is clear, interactive and supports iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 7+ and iPad with iOS 11. Great app to introduce your kid to learn more about AR technology and animals in a kid-friendly way.

We do not track behavior, analyze nor share information in our games.

Does your child like to play this AR game? Please leave a review and let us know! For any other issues please contact us at

Thank you for playing!

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