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아랍어 비디오 사전

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앱 설명

Numerous people will talk of numerous ways to learn Arabic but all you really need is the right Niyat (Intent, motive). The Pretati Arabic app hand holds you through the rest of your linguistic journey. Arabic Pretati is a language translation app utilizing video and voice tutorials by native speakers to help you understand and converse in Arabic, thereby opening up the doors to the rich and diverse Arabic speaking cultures. The Arabic Pretati app covers over 500 everyday Arabic words and phrases that could turn a simple visit to an Arabic speaking nation into a very special one. From Algeria, Bahrain and Egypt to Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the Pretati Arabic app will ensure that you, as a traveller, a business consultant or a student can connect better with the Arabic speaking people in more than 22 countries!

For each common Arabic phrase, there is a video of a suave native speaker clearly pronouncing each word, helping you understand the nuances of speaking this beautiful language. The Arabic phrases are grouped into categories for the most common travel situations including Getting Around, Greeting and Referring to different People, Eating & Drinking, Health, Problems, Numbers, Time and Date, Meeting People, Shopping and Money. The Pretati Arabic app also has the ability to playback each phrase in slow mode, mark favorites for quick reference and even copy your favourite Arabic phrase to send via SMS or email to your friends. While the app is primarily targeted towards travelers, it is also a great educational tool for those who desire to start learning the basics of the Arabic language in an easy, fast and fun way.

The app works completely offline so you never have to worry about expensive international data costs, absence of mobile networks or hunting for an open WIFI hotspot. All you need to do is download the Pretati Arabic app and install it on your device, once. It even works in Airplane mode!

Arabic Pretati App Features
- Over 500 essential Arabic words and phrases each with the Arabic Script, English to Arabic Translation, phonetic pronunciation and video clip

- High quality VIDEO and AUDIO for every word and phrase recorded by suave NATIVE SPEAKERS

- Quick SEARCH of all words and phrases so you don’t have to spend time looking for what you need

- Build your FAVORITES list to quickly access the Arabic phrases you want to learn or translate

- Audio is perfect for headphones or over your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad speakers

- WORKS OFFLINE so you don't need to be connected to the Internet and pay international roaming charges when traveling

- Share the video or the phrase via SMS, email or social media

- SLOW PLAY feature allows you to hear the phrase slowly and clearly to help you get a better grasp of what is being spoken

- High definition graphics optimized for retina display

- A variety of CATEGORIES for every situation like Getting Around, Eating & Drinking, Health, Problems, Numbers, Time and Date, Meeting People, Shopping and Money – this is the perfect travel dictionary app around


Some users have complained about the sound not playing. Please check to see that the RINGER is set to ON (device should not be on Mute) and press the '+' key on the iPhone/iPad to increase the volume.

We would love to hear from you to improve the app and answer any questions you might have. Please CONTACT US on our website at

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