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Ask the Bible Your Questions

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앱 설명

Ask the Bible your most important questions with Ask Prophet. Style your Bible verse answers with different colors, fonts, and photo backgrounds! Share, print, save, and enjoy!

Ask Prophet is a free prayer utility and printables generator that lets you pose questions to the Bible and make beautiful shareable quotes out of the answers you find.


- Ask the Bible as many questions as you like
- Find inspiring Bible verses
- Make the answers your own with different colors, photo backgrounds, and fonts
- Share, save, and print your own personalized Bible verses with beautiful colors and calligraphic looks
- Save your answers in portrait or square shape for Instagram and Facebook
- Upgrade to use your own photo backgrounds, remove the watermark from your saved answers, or to unlock the full collections of fonts, colors, and photos

Ask Prophet updates the ancient practice of asking the Bible questions by flipping to a verse at random. Using the King James Version, Ask Prophet powers answers to your most important questions with an algorithm that closely matches the responsiveness of a paper Bible.

Share your answers with the #AskProphet hashtag for the chance to be featured! For all support needs and feature requests, please contact

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