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퍼블리셔: Amazia, Inc.
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호환성: iPhone & iPad

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Would like to read comics for free?
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■What is special about “Manga BANG!”?
It is a free comic application that you can read 8 episodes of comic books every day. We offer comics such as series sold over 10million copies, have been turned into TV dramas, amination, or movies. New comics come out every month. Don’t miss them!
No registration is needed.
Manga MANG! is always here for you to make the most of your commute, just kill your time or whatever!

■Free 8 episodes every day
You can read 8 episodes a day for free in the app. Complete set of popular manga series are available for you. Visit Manga BANG! every day, find your favorite and read them up!

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8 episodes a day is not enough for you?
In-app purchases are available, of course.
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■Launched Manga BANG store
From latest works to classic, for boys, girls and gown-ups, 70,000 volumes of comics are ready for you.
Lots of “Volume 1 for free” comics are added every week.

※ All works are delivered with the prior permission of each copyright holder.

Please contact us with questions about using this app and suggestions for improvement.
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