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Best Western e-Concierge®

퍼블리셔: Best Western France
가격: 무료
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Download the Best Western e-Concierge® application for free, and benefit from many different functionalities.

1) Reserve your next stay in a few clicks
• Choose from over 4100 hotels worldwide, including 300 establishments in France
• Find a nearby hotel thanks to geo-tracking
• Discover the services and facilities of the establishments
• Sort through the search results according to your criteria (budget, quarter...)
• See guest comments and reviews from TripAdvisor

2) Benefit from the e-Concierge service available for our hotels in France
• Get information about the services offered by the hotel (price, timings)
• Discover places of interest, tourist attractions and must-see events (restaurants, monuments, museums, activities…)
• Chat with hotel staff, ask them questions or let them know what you want via instant messaging
• View points of interest in the vicinity of the hotel (tourist attractions, restaurants, shops, stations, airports…) on an interactive map
• Access a newsstand of digital press (newspapers and magazines) for free during your stay

3) Best Western Rewards® loyalty program
• Register to the loyalty program for free to benefit from many advantages (5% discount on the night rate in France throughout the year, free nights in exchange for accumulated points…)
• Log into your guest account to see your status, points and statements…

Do not wait any longer, check out our hotels through this application. There are charming establishments and exquisitely designed boutique hotels, allowing you to discover the richness and authenticity of the region. Each Best Western® Hotels & Resorts establishment offers personalized decoration and meets international quality and comfort standards. Whether you want a stay by the sea, in the mountains, enjoy a round of golf or a spa weekend, you will find a hotel matching your desires.

Do not hesitate to send your comments to Thanks to them, we are constantly improving your user experience of our application.

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