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앱 설명

BNR.LAB is not a reproducer of relaxing sound effects, or nature sounds like rain noise, sea wave noise or other similar sounds. BNR.LAB does not play relaxing music tracks or ambient sounds and other types of audio content like that. 
BNR.LAB is a Professional generator of Binaural audio source like as Binaural Beats.
The sounds produced are generated by the smartphone and are not pre-recorded. The audio signals are calculated and reproduced with extreme accuracy to ensure maximum reliability with the absolute guarantee of the absence of hidden signals or external interference. BNR.LAB works exclusively by exploiting the Binaural effect generated in the brain when an audio signal with different frequencies between the right and left ear is sent to the ears.
Unlike many apps that try to do the same job as BNR.LAB without giving the user any information about the frequencies and methods of using them. 
BNR.LAB provides a list of ready-to-use programs, which require no manipulation. Just wear the headset, adjust the volume so you have optimal listening, and enjoy the full power of pre-configured programs for different activities, such as "deep sleep", "focused study", "recovery of mental energy" and more. 
BNR.LAB is an app that will allow you to greatly improve your mental states, and to be able to choose the best session based on your needs, to get the best results and make the most of your mental abilities
BNR.LAB is easy to use, safe and reliable, full control of your mental state directly from your smartphone

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