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앱 설명

Looking for a way to write your own fan fiction blockbuster? Looking for a way to fit in the time to start or finish that novel you've been working on?

Book Builder is the app for you!

Book Builder gives you the ability to write small bits of your story as you find the time to do so - these bits you can group together to form the chapters for your book. What's more it has a one-tap 'build' feature which formats all your work into a completed document. You can even email your finished book or script straight to your agent, fans, publisher - anyone!

A publishing phenomenon...

We've all heard the stories about bestselling books being written by someone as a part-time interest and the. Going on to sell in their millions. The difference between you and them? Making time to write!

Book Builder's main aim was to make it possible to develop stories using just a smartphone - and despite still having a lot of features to add - the app does just that!

Also - as a way to publicise the app and get people using it (and giving me valuable feedback) - I've made the app FREE!

The official Book Builder new user tutorial is available to follow at @bookbuilderapp which shows you how you can use the app to write your story from scratch!

(The demo book from the tutorial will be available to access in the next update of the app).

Book builder simplifies the process of writing - by breaking up your book into small chunks called 'segments'.

You can re-order, add and delete these segments quickly and easily using the slick, graphical UI.

Segments of text can be annotated with footnotes and comments and highlighted for quick reference if necessary.

In the app segments are grouped as 'chapters'. A chapter can have an unlimited number of segments in it.

The key point of Book Builder is to produce books - and here it excels by giving you an almost-instant built-in PDF generator which takes care of all the awkward alignment, margin and page-break work so you can get on with the more important things, such as writing content.

* Currently the app uses default parameters to build documents but customisation of your documents will be available soon.

The documents you produce can be exported as either a proprietary file (useful for backups or collaboration work), or as a formatted PDF file, as mentioned above.

You also have the option to view your book using Virtual Pages, which is Book Builder's amazing built in PDF reader.

All this in one app? Yes, and there's more to come!

Try Book Builder today for the discount introductory price - and be a part of the mobile creative writing revolution...

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