Brain Challenge - Train memory

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앱 설명

With thousands of members, Brain Challenge offers the most complete and diverse training for your brain.
Train your memory, focus, logic and reaction skills with fun and challenging games and personal workouts. 15 games and auto-adapting difficulty levels give you not only endless fun but also help to improve your brain skills greatly.

Brain Challenge is tailored to your Apple Watch. Play every single game on your wrist without ever needing to grab your iPhone or iPad.

Challenge your friends on iMessage! Who is smarter?

- Over 100 levels of difficulty in 15 challenging games
- Train concentration, memory, focus and logic.
- Personalized daily workouts
- Statistics help you to see your progress
- Compete against your friends with online high scores
- Collect brain points to keep track of your improvements
- Brain Challenge is suitable for persons of all ages
- Stunning and beautiful black interface
- Play Brain Challenge on you iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch!

Your brain can be trained like the rest of your body. Reach your optimum level with Brain Challenge. Brain Challenge is designed to make brain training fun. Train your concentration, memory, focus and logic easily. Studies have shown that regular brain training increases intelligence and memory.

Brain Challenge is, of course, free for our valued customers. However, if you want to improve 66% faster, we can recommend you Brain Challenge Premium.
And because we want brain training to be accessible for everyone, it’s just $4.99. It gives you life-time access to all premium games, personalized workouts and all the games we plan to add to Brain Challenge in the future.

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