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잉꼬 버디 - Budgie Buddy

퍼블리셔: Rickey Vigil
가격: 0.99 USD
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Budgie Buddy is the must have app for every Parakeet owner.

Talk Budgie using the Parakeet language. Custom sound board gives you the opportunity to give your Budgie the right response to suit their mood and expressions.

Play multiple phrases at once for a “flock effect”.

2 birds are better than one. Invite a friend to join Buddy using the remote connection via bluetooth and wifi.

Real time effects using the front camera.

Auto Pilot for instant conversation.

Auto Listen feature to start talking when nosies are heard with random call to initiate conversation.

Double tap feature to mark a favorite (*) sound effect.

Runs while the device is locked to save maximum battery for all day use.

Time to have fun with your new Budgie Buddy!


Helpful notes that may be useful before beginning your fun with Budgie Buddy.

Full Screen Setting notes:
Pressing the + sign or the Bird from the main screen brings Buddy to Full Screen with a pleasant background. You can enable the front camera to show a preview on the mirror in the background scenery. Your device system will ask you if the Budgie Buddy app can access the camera. You must grant permission to use this feature. You can later change permissions from your Device / Settings / Privacy / Camera / Budgie Buddy.

Word Training Audio notes:
You can record Audio to play when Auto Pilot is on. Press Edit / Record Now to add or edit the Voice files. To have something play more often, record it multiple times. To remove a Voice file, select the button and select Delete in the pop-up menu.

Remote Setting notes:
Using bluetooth or wifi on both devices will allow you to connect to another device to control it remotely. The main device that will be on all the time should be set to Buddy and a second device set to Buddy’s Friend. When Connected, another Budgie will join Buddy in the Full Screen mode. In Full Screen mode you can press the Remote Icon in the upper right corner to open up the controls for the second Budgie. You can move the positions by dragging the bird around the screen. Use the buttons to make sounds. Close the Remote Screen to control the first Budgie again.

Auto Pilot notes:
Setting the Auto Pilot on will play all sounds randomly. There are some silent times ranging from 1 second to 3 minutes. You can press a sound button to skip any silent time that it is currently in use.

Sound Setting notes:
Auto Play when nosies are heard allows the microphone to listen in for cage movements or any other noises. When the threshold is reached Auto Pilot will turn on for a random amount of time and stop to listen in again and check if there is a response from your bird. You can adjust the microphone sensitivity using the slider ranging from low to high. Setting the sensitivity to high and holding your device may trigger the threshold. You can set down the device and wait it out to stop in a quit room to test it. Different results will apply depending on the microphone placement. Your device system will ask you if the Budgie Buddy app can access the microphone. You must grant permission to use this feature. You can later change permissions from your Device / Settings / Privacy / Microphone / Budgie Buddy.

Landscape notes:
This is set to No by default. Budgie Buddy works best in Portrait mode but is compatible in Landscape. To use Landscape mode your device Orientation Lock must be off and this setting must be set to Yes.

Closing notes:
Leave a review and let us know what you think and what you can do to make our Budgies Happier.

This Information can also be found in the settings section of Budgie Buddy.

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