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Car GT Racing Turbo 2016

퍼블리셔: Amjad Islam
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Go crazy, control your nerves and race through heavy traffic on highway in this Car GT Racing Turbo game. This will take you to next level of thrill and excitement in arcade racing games. As a car racer you have to drive your vehicle in a highway traffic. You have to control your car in heavy traffic while driving in high speed. While racing your car, you have to avoid heavy trucks, jeeps, turbo and 4x4 vehicles which are coming in your way. This is an excellent endless game of 2016. In this simulation game you have to be very careful while crossing other vehicles to avoid accidents. You can play this game very easily by using one hand. You only have to tilt the screen to control direction of car and hand brakes to slow down. Race is automatic and speed of car will increase automatically with time. In this simulator you will get extra bonus amount while passing other vehicles very closely. So enjoy this free game for smart phone users. This 3D sim will bring real joy in your life.
Multiple racing environments will be offered in this game. You can switch between village, desert, snow and rainy environments. In start of game only village will be unlocked and you can unlock other tracks after earning some money. You have to pay specific amount to buy next track. But for the convenience of users, all sports and racing vehicles are left unlocked. From the start, user has the option to select any of the cars. In short, you can enjoy every bit of endless racing in this game. Drive your car in the endless highway roads overtaking the traffic and upgrade your tracks. This racing game uses realistic physics of cars, which will give the real feeling of driving and racing on highway roads.

Features of Car GT Racing Turbo

• Choice of multiple racing cars
• Multiple racing environments
• Excellent controls and graphics
• Village, snow, desert, rain and night tracks
• Realistic highway traffic and heavy vehicles
• Drive fast, collect bonus amount and unlock tracks
• Race on multiple track to become racing legend
• Tilt control and hand brake
• HD 3D racing lap physics with astonishing sound
• 4 types of camera views
• One finger control model that you can play it very easy but fast-paced.

Enjoy this amazing racing game and give us your valuable feedback at .

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