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Mobu - International Calls App

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호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Call any phone in the world for less.

Mobu lets you enjoy cheap international calls directly from your cellphone with extraordinary sound quality and with local access or data connection at your choice.

CHEAP but also FREE - You can earn free call credit with the offers in the app and make FREE international calls. Yes, free international calls to fix and cell phones abroad!

Try your 1st call for free with our welcome credit bonus - and don’t miss out our low cost International call rates starting from as little as 1c/min, much cheaper than other calling apps.

Why Mobu?

- This is not the typical app that ONLY allows free calls to other people who have the same app. Mobu lets you gain call credit and make international calls for free! (How cool is that!)
- Try the service for free, the 1st call is on us!
- Low-cost call rates in average 30% cheaper than other apps.
- High voice quality. Local access or WiFi/Data connection at choice.
- Easy to use. Get started in 1 minute.
- Save on roaming, use Mobu abroad in WiFi.
- No hidden charges, connection fees or contracts.

It’s really easy to start saving money on your calls with Mobu, download the app now.

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