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ChildHealth Log

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앱 설명

*** 4 Stars in review by Aftonbladet, Swedens major news site and loved by bloggers. ***

Does your sweetie babble, use tweezers grip or perhaps is walking already?

In ChildHealth Log you can save all data regarding the standard procedure and tests your child is going through at your Children's health care center*. From the first day until your child starts school. Everything in one place!

Keep track of which vaccines your child has obtained. (According to Swedish National Immunization Program), Hepatitis B and TBE.

Document your baby's growth:
* Weight
* Length
* Head circumference

You can use ChildHealth Log to all your children. It is easy to check the historical progress each child has from birth onwards.

Use the Health Diary to log all health related events as:

* Diseases
* Allergies
* Keep track of physicians and caregivers
* Drugs related to treatments
* Sleep habits
* Eating habits and more

You can easily set reminders related to a temporary treatment or common treatments to remember the medication time. Your child can have multiple treatments simultaneously and get reminders for them all.

Please visit us on Facebook, we speak English as well

Contact us at Facebook if you have any questions or ideas how to make ChildHealth Log even better for your purposes.

ChildHealth Log is created by Careful Applications, also behind GravidAppen, Sweden's most downloaded app in its genre.

Control is cool!

* (by Swedish standards)

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