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CIA Secret Spy Survival

퍼블리셔: Zohaib Iftikhar
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Welcome to new CIA Spy Agent : Survival Escape Mission Game!
Get ready to play CIA Spy Agent : Survival Escape Mission. Enjoy amazing challenging 3D escape story environment in which you will experience the addictive missions. Become secret spy agent of CIA & defeat evil enemies. Make sure about your survival in this escape story mission. You need to use your observant mind skills to move along in this survival escape mission. Stay away from the police guards they are here to arrest you & push you back. Spy secret agent have to fight for your freedom in this survival escape mission. Don’t forget to unlock the all doors to move further in this escape mission. It’s a breathtaking thrilling action escape challenge you need to be careful. Plan your escape story way out to get rid of security police. Do you love to play the CIA secret agent survival games & thrilling action games 2018? If yes then play this CIA Spy Agent : Survival Escape Mission game which is specially designed for the lovers of the CIA survival escape story & spy secret agent escape 3D games. Be a secret agent of CIA & downfall the brutal enemies using modern weapons for your freedom. Make sure about your survival escape plan in this spy secret agent mission remains secret from your enemies.
Get ready to play the most wanted CIA Spy Agent : Survival Escape Mission that is a 3D free thrilling action packed adventure game with challenging survival escape missions to complete in limited time & stealth mode. You grip a lot of information for escape story which can prove to be deadly for you if the enemy military army forces or anyone from the special force finds out that you are a spy secret agent. You have performed a lot of special survival secret escape missions for your country but your main goal now is to prison breakout of the high security Alcatraz like a prison to complete the survival escape missions. You are skillful, powerful & an intelligent survival spy secret agent to fly back when suddenly enemy’s special forces army & military commandos caught you and put you in a high security secure unit. But you can’t be held as a prisoner at any rate as you are important because you carry a lot of secret missions. Become a spy secret agent prisoner with real fighting skills to survive & escape from any kind of situation you’re put in. Now it’s time to use your fighting skills to survive, fight & break out of the jail to get your freedom because survival is your mission but escape is your main goal in this most wanted thrilling action games for free the CIA Spy Agent : Survival Escape Mission.
Become brave secret agent like a army commando & stay away from all Special Forces like military elite force, army commandos and other police guards they are trying to arrest you & push you back in this secret agent escape 3D mission. Be ready while facing all these challenges like an expert fighter and fight against brutal enemies for your freedom in this prison breakout 2018. It’s a wonderful thrilling escape spy challenge you need to be careful. Play like the CIA secret agent because the survival escape mission is in your own hands now so get ready to use modern weapons & sniper gun, stealth & survival actions in this CIA Spy Agent : Survival Escape Mission which is the best game from all other CIA escape story missions & spy secret escape story missions of the year 2018.
***Key Features***
1. Amazing 3D environment with amazing sound effects
2. Different levels to play with modern weapons
3. A chance to make an escape story in Russia with action packed missions
4. Realistic prison escape 3D environment with addictive escape story
5. Smooth controls & free realistic challenging game play

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