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Coaching Wizard - Soccer

퍼블리셔: Coaching Wizard
가격: 4.99 USD
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

"Coaching Wizard is a very intuitive and beautifully done app that is filled with the functionality that you the coach want and need." -

Coaching Wizard is now iOS 8 compatible, the bugs are gone, and it is working perfectly again :)

Coaching Wizard is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use soccer coaching assistant on the market today. It will change the way you coach and make the tough tasks of coaching simple.

Whether you are involved at the recreational youth soccer level, the Olympic Development Program, the collegiate or even professional level, Coaching Wizard is the application for you. In less than five minutes, you will be coaching with a whole new level of efficiency, at any level of soccer.

Designed not just for coaches, but also the parents of players, this all in one application manages everything from playing time and assisting with substitutions during a game, to recording important individual and entire team statistics, as well as assisting with e-mail communication that allows you to share all this game information with other coaches, parents and every member of the team. The application also allows both coaches and parents, to perform all these functions, while managing multiple teams simultaneously.

Coaching Wizard is the simplest and most intuitive way for coaches to best manage their teams.

Features of Coaching Wizard

1. Tracks playing time for each individual player, even by position

2. Helps organize substitution order, who just came out, who is the next to go in the game

3. Records individual player's statistics: goals, shots, assists, saves and cards

4. Records team statistics: goals for and against, free kicks, corner kicks and offsides

5. Keeps track of entire season statistics for each player: total goals for the season, total minutes played, minutes played by position, assists, shots, cards, game results and many more

6. Easily send all individual game and season statistics to anyone at anytime, including other coaches, players and their parents, via e-mail

7. With the touch of a button easily e-mail the entire team important information such as changes in game or practice times, or other urgent team news

8. Can easily manage multiple teams simultaneously

9. And much much more

I can be reached at for any additional questions, comments or issues you may have with the app.

Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy using Coaching Wizard as much as I enjoyed designing it

Jim Medina (soccer dad, youth soccer coach and still playing in the old man adult league)

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