Combat Army Commando 2017

퍼블리셔: Shawal Tarik
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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랭킹 다운로드 - iPhone - 콩고
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앱 설명

Time for some heroic action!
Do you have what it takes to defend a country that is on the brink of anarchy? March towards the border to enter enemy premises & eliminate terrorist army to mark your victory!
Change the fate of your nation by standing your ground. Hold your sniper rifle to shoot ‘em all! Complete different sniper shooting missions to earn cash prizes & rewards. Blast the enemy watchtowers & defenses. Kill the enemy soldiers, sniper shooters, watchtower defenders & army commanders to make them pay for the damage they caused.
The enemy sniper shooters, military commandos, army watchtower defenders & officers have been issued direct orders to shoot any approaching targets. Since this army post is of much importance, the enemies can’t afford to lose control over here. Thus, the place is heavily secured by sniper shooters, watchtower defenders & enemy basecamp troopers. Rise with your utmost strategy & sniper shooting skills to take control over the enemy post.
The whole peace process is in jeopardy. Feel yourself in a war where you are alone to fight with an army of highly equipped shooters. Grab your weapon; improve your accuracy and targeting skills by assassinating the brutal enemy force shooters; uproot and expel the enemies from the target zone and conquer your position level by level with your assault skills as a modern commando sniper shooter!
Once you’re in the enemy’s scope the sniper shooters can track & kill you before you even set your target. Move carefully in the battle arena as the enemy is very cautious. Beware of enemy attacks as you move forward.
With every turn that you take, and every street that you enter, the chances of a deadly conflict increase. Gun down the enemy military forces by shooting them to death right away! 3D Combat Army Commando 2017 game offers to enhance your shooting experience, as an army sniper commander, with realistic 3D battle scenarios.
Combat Army Commando 2017 is a single player game that offers highly responsive intuitive controls with a simple yet addictive gameplay.
- The right side of the screen is for aiming/ setting the target
- The left side of the screen is for moving within the battle zone
Commando silent shooter is on a mission to defeat terrorist army.
- Move around in the 3D battle zone using mobile joystick
- Use precise aiming skills to lock your target
- Immobilize enemy targets by shooting them one by one
- Move strategically to gun down the enemies
- Accomplish missions to become the master hitman
- Tap bullet button to shoot enemies by releasing fire
Combat Army Commando 2017 FEATURES:
- Real battle zone challenges
- Action-oriented FPS game
- Realistic 3D army shooting missions
- The best army action sequences
- A radar to indicate nearby targets
- Joystick to control direction
- Realistic & detailed warzone strikes
- Sniper action camera for precise aiming & shooting
- Fast and intense killing action
- Complete missions to earn rewards & cash
- Buy guns & magazines by the earned cash
- Upgrade your weapons to destroy the enemies
- User- friendly GUI and controls
- FREE to play!

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