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Commando Shooter Terrorist War

퍼블리셔: Mubasher Ali
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Commando Shooter Terrorist War game is the best shooting game. Step on to the combat zone and be the commando in this war against terrorism. Shoot your way through different stages to win the battle. Enjoy the fresh levels to win against your opponents.  

Commando Shooter Terrorist War is an commando action strike shooting game. Commando experience the most amazing adventure fighting combat mission and shooting against dangerous terrorists in the battle field counter army fierce attack war. Experience extreme of kill the enemies like an American commando delta shooter in the war shooting military mission like an elite army occupation commando in the fields of the warship monster battle strike.
Commando Shooter Terrorist War is nothing but combat commando army fight for our military force and you are a real fearless fighter in military battle. It is a challenge for you to complete this adventure operation of commando in this army shooter killing strike game. Amazing and high definition 3D realistic graphics, background sound effects and smooth control are the best part of it that make your interest in the game.
You have to show extra ordinary quickness like a sharp army shooter and make good aim on the terrorists to kill them otherwise they will kill you in this military top strategy action legacy game. There are wild enemies everywhere around you so fight with them with bravely and eliminate all to get rid of them. So get your best advanced shooting guns and make the right city gun shots in this target commando shooting battle game.Digital radar system is used which shows bravo commando the locations and movements of enemies. Enemies are aware of your expertise and they will target you by their army shooting machine guns in this commando adventure 3d grenade shooter game. Be alert like an elite commando and kill them. Shoot on the enemies before they kill you in this delta commando strike killing 3d counter war attack in action shooting game.
If you are getting bored then this Commando Shooter Terrorist War game is suitable for you to play and enjoy real gun shots and thrilling 3d adventure environment.Don't give your enemies time to make shot on you because if they do so then your life will drop and you will lose the military real gun battle. Shooting more enemies means more chances to survive into this commando in action 3d counter shooter attack game. Advance in game in order to unlock new levels for better ultimate real army counter battles in this shooting elite commando mission game.

Commando Shooter Terrorist War Features:
- Realistic Commando Shooting adventure game.
- Easy tap to shoot and kill the enemies in one shot.
- Experience the thrill of a fighter.
- Detailed Map position of the enemies.
- Realistic Army Battle and Smooth Controls.
- Advanced Military shooting weapons and Wonderful Gameplay.
- Feature levels bring you fun.
- Innovative 3D graphic!
- Number of Powerful Guns.
- Excellent Graphics and Stunning Sound Effects.
- It is a free game available on app store.

commando missions

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