Contact Locker - Secure Your Contact

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앱 설명

Locks you’re PRIVATE CONTACTS using this contact locker protect you from any type of problems. Easily group and hide people you should not contact when you are not at your best.
Use this app full of features to lock the private contacts and make it private. Look after and lay up your private contacts, but favorite ones. It is revolutionary Contact Locker with simple, clean, well designed and clear interface. You can convert any of your contacts to locked contact, and set password, locked contacts are invisible in system contacts, and they will be only accessible in the application Contact Locker.
being comfortable about leaving your phone anywhere nobody can explore and know who are your contacts nobody can add or omit/delete someone of your contacts avoid any kind of crash with GF/BF about your contacts.
Secure the private contact/make a secure list for your contact/make a protected space in your device.

Move your contacts from device to the application Contact Locker, you can hide secure and protect your personal contacts using this app.
Set password to protect your contacts/to make invisible to others
Add/delete/edit locked or unlocked contacts easily. You will face no trouble.
Search contacts by name, easily searching is available.
Show contact photo in contacts list along with the direct access button to make call, send SMS or send Email to the contacts
manually add contact in Contact Locker.
Best Locker for the contact. Your secure locker that will look after your security.

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