Bomb Me Brasil

퍼블리셔: Game Hollywood
가격: 무료 인 앱 구매 추가
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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랭킹 다운로드 - iPad - 대한민국
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앱 설명

Download the Portuguese version of DDTank - Bomb Me Brasil now! Join this free online multiplayer shooting game full of fun and excitement! Defeat your friends or random enemies and win the battle!

Easy to learn and hard to master. Master the skill accurate shooting to eliminate your enemies with unique tactics! Defeat the World Boss and explore mysterious dungeons with your friends. There are several types of battles! Amazing graphics that will take you to a land full of adventure!

Collect weapons and level them up to become unstoppable! Destroy your friends or enemies with explosive strength and send them to the other side of the map.

If you get bombarded, rethink your strategy. The game has just started. Only in the end, you will know who is the last survivor to win in the battleground!

Game Features:
◇Online multiplayer shooting game for 2-4 players. Challenge your friends or fight against powerful rivals.
◇Play anywhere, anytime. Both online and offline. Enjoy quick but thrilling 10 min battles.
◇Official Mobile version of the classic browser game DDTank, now with innovative social systems including Guild and Marriage, 100% em Português!
◇Get amazing rewards like weapons and costumes by clearing dungeons in Labrinto, unlock new and more difficult dungeons as you advance.
◇Forge your own strong weapons, customize your exclusive personal look and train your lovely pets.
◇Become the best bomber to get the most medals in PvP Arena, Duels and Guild Battle.
◇Record your battle and share the video with your friends.
◇Compatible in different kinds of mobile phones, low storage needed and free to play.

Have a good time in this Bomber Paradise!
Facebook: @BombMeBR

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