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Dont touch the white tile

퍼블리셔: Lucky Studio
가격: 무료 인 앱 구매 추가
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Don't Touch The White Tile, play piano tiles like never before.
This is one of the best free new piano tiles games that combine more than 100+ mini-games with exciting key features:

◈ +250 Piano Music for all kind of different tastes, from relaxing piano to the very challenging songs.
◈ 100+ Awesome mini Game Modes so you will never get bored, included magic tiles 3,2,4,5, music tiles 3,2,4,5 gameplay.
◈ Elegance and appealing graphics, easy to play for all ages!
◈ Custom tiles color
◈ Multiplayer game. Play with your family or friends using the near-by mode or challenge random player all over the world.

Game Rules (For all Piano Tiles game modes):
◈ DON'T TOUCH THE WHITE TILE, TOUCH THE BLACK TILE, this is the core rule in this addictive game. Hold your finger on the long node to score more points. Collect gold point after each stage to unlock more music.
◈ Is it easy or impossible? Tap the white tiles or don't tap the white tiles, it's up to you.

Besides, try other exciting mini-games, like a hearing challenge, follow the music or 3D games. This game included more than 100 mini-games all in one. One of the best white tiles 2 and mini piano musical tiles game out there.

Tips: Try the Frozen mode. In the Frozen mode, each tile was covered by a frozen ice. You need to break it before touch the white tile. The one and only mode available among all kind of piano tiles 2 games.

Enjoy the game.
Support: If you have any question or suggestion/inquiry, please send it to We will solve your problem asap.

Here is the detail list of over 100 game modes:

6 Addictive Game Modes:

-Classic mode, reach the target as soon as possible.
- Online mode, compete with all the world and prove you are the best
-Arcade mode, try your best to touch the black tiles as many as you can, no time limited.
-Dual Mode, the hardest mode ever, is the mode with dual split screen.
-Zen mode, try your best to tap the black tiles as many as you can in 30 seconds.
-Catch mode, let catch the white tile. Slow and Haste. Physics enabled.

Are you ready for the hardest challenge mode ever yet?

The game screen will be split by two dual run at the same time and speed. The speed increase overtime.

1. Dont tap touch step the White Tile on the Left.
2. Dont tap touch step the Black Tile on the Right.

Do you think you can handle two things simultaneous? With Madness Speed? Unlimited time?
Try the new DUAL mode.

• New mode: CATCH •

A new physics enable mode for you. Dont let the white tile fall to the ground. Touch it to eliminated.
Touch the blue tile for slow speed. Touch the red, you will be given a haste.

• MEGA MISSIONS: Sweeper Mines - Light Out
• 3D Arcade
• 3D Classic
• 3D Zen
• Rock Hero/Guitar Hero
• Frozen
• Lighting
• Music Tiles
• Speed Up/Speed Down
• Race
• Bomb
• Multiple
• Impossible 10x10, 9x9, 8x8, 7x7, 6x6, 5x5, 4x4, 3x3, 2x2, 2048
• Icebreaker
• Magic Tiles 3
• Turning
• Colorful
• Fortune Teller (very fun)
• Piano Tiles
• Origami
• Alphamania
• 3D Ball
• 3D Colorful
• SharpEyes
• Piano Tiles 2
• aa, ar, bb, cc, Shoot The Ball, Shoot The Ball 2
• Listen Memo
• Number Dash
• Ten
• Dodge
• Hero Jump

... and many more.

lucky play don't tap don't touch the spikes black tile dont tap the white tiles dont touch don’t touch white tiles black play dont tap the white tile black tiles 2 touch touch 2 touch music piano magic tiles black white modes piano tiles 2 magic jack magic hour

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