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DreamCreator 夢を予定にする 夢実現Todoアプリ

퍼블리셔: Takashi Shibayama
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 2.99 USD 인 앱 구매 추가
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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랭킹 다운로드 - iPhone - 대한민국
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앱 설명

The sales of DreamCreator is 28th in app store,
but it has reached the first place in lifestyle section.
(as of June, 4, 2013)
We really appreciate your support!

【Application Summary】

DreamCreator is a totally NEW Todo item application which fulfill your dreams by creating Todo lists that count backwards from your dream and goals.

You can create a “Vision Board” on iPhone with a Todo list associated with each dream and goals.

【Helping you realize your dream and goals】

Many successful people say that in order to make your dream come true, “you need to visualize your dream clearly” and “set a time limit on achieving your goals.”
It also helps to write your dream down and review them often.

DreamCreator allows you to chart your dream by linking visual imagery to your stated goals and setting time limit on them.

You can set your iPhone lock screen to your Vision Board and review it everyday, to help motivate you towards achieving your goals.

You can also list the indivisual tasks and Todo items which you'll need to fulfill your dream.

You will soon come to visualize what you plan to be doing in 5 years, in 1 year, and today, with your key goals being charted toward your future dream.

By visualizing your dream and goals, and creating clear Todo items for each one, your dream will come closer to reality.

The rest is just remaining motivated and doing what you need to do today!

I sincerely hope that by using DreamCreator your dreams will come true.

【Feature list】

-Attach,Delete,Move,Zoom in or out of your Dream picture.
-Select resolution of your Dream picture(for standard version.)
-Add related photos to your Dream(for standard version.)
-Switch the front and behind images of your Dream picture.
-Attach 20 pictures of your dreams to the screen ( for standard version, you can attach unlimited number of Dream picture.)
-Zoom in or out of the entire screen.
-The entire screen is 1 screen(4 screens for standard version.)
-Scroll the entire screen.
-Set time limits for Dream picture.
-List the tasks associated with Dream picture and set dates.
-Check tasks.
-List your Todo items associated with tasks and set dates.
-Check your Todo items.
-Set reward pictures for when you accomplish your tasks.
-Display the most recent Todo items for each Dream as your next step.

【System requirements】

You will be able to run this app on iPhone4, iPhone5 and iPhone6, and if you need to attach a large number of photos we recommend using iPhone4 or higher.

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