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가격: 무료
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

What is eSewa?
eSewa is your wallet in the web and in your mobile device.

It is the Digital Payment Portal of Nepal enabled with hosted wallet both Internet and mobile wallet along with new and unique services like VISA Prepaid Card, Payout Agent (Cash in and Cash out) and different payment facilities.

eSewa account can be recharged through various option such as Mobile Banking, Internet Banking and counter deposit through member banks, fund transfer from another eSewa user.

The fund in eSewa account can be used for utility payments, buying Recharge cards, making payments when purchasing online and making payments when purchasing through offline stores by accessing eSewa account through web or mobile.

eSewa also facilitates:
Wallet to Wallet,
Wallet to Bank,
Bank to Wallet,
Wallet to Remittance transactions

How do I register?
Type REG and send it to 32121 through your mobile message. Your will receive reply message from 32121 where you will get below mentioned details:
eSewa id : 98xxxxxxxx
Your eSewa id will be your registered mobile number.
You need to enter MPIN While doing transaction from eSewa app.
You need to enter password while using eSewa from web. Visit

Services of eSewa:
Recharge and Topup
ADSL and Landline Payment
Electricity and Water Bill Payment
Airlines and Bus Ticketing
Internet Bill Payment
Movie Ticketing and online payment
TV & Entertainment payment
NAMS & NMC Payment
Insurance & EMI
Travel Tickets, Tours, Adventure & Hotel
School/College bill payment
Newspaper/Magazine Subscription
Events Management
& many more.

Is eSewa free?
YES! Besides, you can get up to 9% cashback and reward points (depending on services) when you make payment with eSewa.

How do I load funds in my eSewa wallet?

Using Internet/Mobile Banking:
You can directly load funds into your eSewa wallet by using Internet/mobile banking of any of our partner banks. Please visit this site for fund load process

Deposit in Bank Counter:
You can deposit amount in your eSewa wallet by visiting our partner banks’ counters.

P2P Fund Transfer:
You can transfer funds from any other eSewa users.

eSewa Zone:
You can visit your nearest eSewa Zones (authorized agents) and load funds into your eSewa wallet

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