eZ Cash

퍼블리셔: Dialog Axiata PLC
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

eZ Cash has been approved by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, and is the first company to receive the license under the Payments and Settlement Systems Act, No.28 of 2005 to carry out Mobile Money. eZ Cash is designed to provide Financial Services for many Sri Lankans without access to conventional banking. It is a ‘Virtual Wallet’ linked to one’s Mobile Phone. The virtual wallet will use a Mobile number for identification. eZ Cash is the pioneer in Mobile Payments Solution which acts as a merchant acquiring network facilitating 2.8million + registered customers to transact with 20,000+ merchants through their mobile phones. eZ Cash in short enables its users to initiate financial transactions through their mobile phone.
It has been developed for the use of managing your eZ Cash account directly from your smartphone with a wide range of new features such as

• Bill presentment
• Available in Trilingual
• Add reminders
• Personalized SMS greetings/messages
• Enabled to pick contacts from address book/contact list for transactions
• Manage frequently used numbers
• Enabled remittance transactions
• Easy access to make donations
• Balance Display for all transactions

eZ Cash QR

Join the payment revolution as eZ Cash introduces QR codes at all merchant outlets!

A Quick Response (QR) code will allow you to simply scan and pay at any merchant outlet without the hassle.

Benefits of using a QR code:
· Faster transaction time
· No extra cost
· Convenience of scanning and paying

How it Works:

Over the Counter Payments

To scan and pay, simply follow the steps mentioned below:
· Step 1 – Log on to the eZ Cash app
· Step 2 – Select 'Pay Merchant'
· Step 3 – Scan the QR code
· Step 4 – Enter the amount
· Step 5 – Click pay


A unique wallet identity for each eZ Cash user allowing individuals to transfer money from wallet to wallet conveniently

How to create My QR

To generate your own unique QR code, all you have to do is:
· Select the 'My QR' option on the home screen
· Your QR will be generated automatically
· To use your QR, save it to your mobile or e-mail it to yourself

How to transfer via QR:

To send money from your wallet to a receiver's wallet, the sender needs to:
· Open the eZ Cash app
· Select 'Scan QR to Pay'
· Your camera will scan the code
· Details of the receiver will appear
· Enter the amount
· Enter your eZ Cash PIN to authenticate
· Transfer money
· Both parties will get an SMS confirmation of the transaction

How to receive money via QR:
· Open the eZ Cash app
· Select 'MY QR'
· The sender will scan your QR
· Enter the amount & confirm the transaction by entering his eZ Cash PIN

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