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Fire Truck Hoselines

가격: 1.99 USD
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

The ultimate pre planning tool for every fire apparatus driver / operator.

This app is the pump operators edge. Have friction loss and pump discharge pressures for the hoselines on your engine available at the press of a button.

*custom coefficients
*save trucks with hoselines
*quick reference pump discharge pressures
*in depth hydraulics details when wanted

Step 1: Build complex, customizable hoselines.
Step 2: Save your hoselines to a master list.
Step 3: Create a new Fire Truck with a custom name.
Step 4: Add saved hoselines to your Fire Truck from the master list.
Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4!

Unlimited new Trucks. Unlimited saved hoseline builds.

Build simple or complex step down lines with the length, hose sizes and nozzles of your choice. Friction loss calculations are done for you. Detailed formulas showing your selections and numbers are saved to accompany every line you build.

Every variable in this app is customizable. Any change you make while building a hoseline immediately updates the friction loss and pump discharge pressure displays so you see what effect making a line longer or changing the nozzle type or setting has on your recommended pump discharge pressure.

Metric units and U.S. units are both available. (LPM, meters, kPa, GPM, feet, PSI)

Default coefficients are available or you can edit and save your own custom coefficients.

The trucks you build have custom names and each hoseline you add will have a summary of the calculations, a custom name and a color code of your choice.

Prepare yourself before an incident. Have a list of every hose line set up you can imagine for your truck (and every other truck in your department), prebuilt with friction loss and recommended pump discharge pressures right at your fingertips.

Share your custom coefficient lists with friends and coworkers that are also using 'Fire Truck Hoselines'.

The user interface is high contrast and all controls were designed for ease of use. There are multiple user tips and 'how to' instructions on our website to ensure you get the most out of this powerful application.

Brought to you by the maker of 'Flashover Hydraulics'


fire hose discharge apparatus pumping hose

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