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퍼블리셔: Gulfam Asghar
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Download Farming Simulation Harvester 2016 and play the coolest and most realistic 3D farming game on your iOS device now! Agricultural life in countryside is pretty different from what it was. In modern farming people use farm trucks, farm tractor, and other farm machines to cultivate crops. In this game, you can you’re your hand at operating the awesome farm machines to plow the land, sow the seeds, spray, and then harvest plant. Feel the real farm frenzy of country living in 2016!
In the past, people forage for a living and gradually people start to cultivate their crops and farm. Nowadays, we have modern farming techniques and farm machines which are very different from the past agricultural life. Farming Simulation Harvester 2016 is your chance to be a real farmer & cultivator, and experience the daily life of a modern farmer in 2016. Becoming a great farmer means you need to be a great harvester and cultivator. In this game, you will learn what it takes to take care of your field. You have to follow certain steps in crop cultivation before they are ready for harvesting. Don’t worry because you don’t have to do these by hand. In modern farming, there are many cool farm machines you can operate such as farm truck, farm tractor, and many more!
• Play this farm simulation game for FREE on your iOS device whenever you are.
• Easy game control and great 3D graphic design.
• Great background and realistic sound effects of modern farm machines.
• Experience REAL 3D farming in real world, following the rules of seeds cultivation.
• Operates cool farm machines: farm truck, water tank, farm tractor, plow machine, and many more.
• Complete your mission in allocated time, which is can be challenging if you have never driven a farm tractor before!
• Cultivate different crops and master them all.
• Become a top cultivator and cultivate all the seeds in different villages!
Here’s the step by step guide on how to cultivate crops in Farming Simulation Harvester 2016:
1. PLOW. Plow your land with plow machine to get the earth ready for seeding. You need to operate the machine in 3D in certain time and make sure all the land is plowed.
2. SEEDING. Use seeding machinery to spread the seed. You can choose to grow wheat, sunflower, corn, or sugar cane.
3. SPRAYING. Take control of the spray machine and spray your crops.
4. HARVESTING. Who knows that harvest is such a hard work? But it’s the culmination of your effort in this season so get into the farm frenzy and harvest plant!
Throughout this 3D farming game you will learn aspects of modern farming aspects such as irrigation and using modern machineries. Farming Simulation Harvester 2016 is quite different from other farm games that are not based on the real life in real farm.
Now we don’t have to use hands to farm the land, much less forage for food. Unfortunately many of us don’t have the chance to experience or learn about modern farming. Why not play this cool game and see for yourself if you have what it takes to be a great farmer?
This farm simulation game is kid friendly. It will be an educative game that will teach your children about agricultural life, about growing and cultivating seeds and harvest plant. It will also help them to learn about how to control the movement of the farm machines and therefore help shape their fine motoric skill and concentration.
So are you ready to begin your agricultural adventure? Download Farming Simulation Harvester 2016 now and enjoy the real farm frenzy!
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