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Forest Fruit Crush - Delicious Candy Line & Jelly

퍼블리셔: Lapusanu Patriciu
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료 인 앱 구매 추가
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Fruit Forest Crush Link 3 is a delicious match 3 game with gorgeous fruit graphics and tasty jellies.The game is very simple,you have to match the fruits or candies which have the same color!After you swipe and smash the fruits or jelly candies,you will gain extra bonus points and further advance in the game.In the end, you will have to create the perfect crush the candy game and become the first player to crush the fruits with caramel!Begin your journey into candy paradise and Jelly Match Crush all the blooming fruits in the enchanted forest.Start your amazing quest and become a legend in the wonderland and candyland!
How To play :
- Crush 3 candy in a row to release a wave of candy puzzle bubbles which will create some other tasty berries!
- Match and crush 3 candy jellies to gain new moves and time bonus!
- Crush 1 bonbon soda to create a gummy yummy berry!
- Crush 5 candy jelly in a line to form a flower blossom which create other shiny bubbles in the game when combined with cookies and cupcakes!
- Crush soda candies as fast as possible and always make new records and create a candy line!
- Frenzy all the candies and they will create a colorful blossom effect as a candy line!
- Enjoy this baking soda game and become a master of the saga & jelly!
- Combine cakes or jelly match to create a baked candy!

- Tasty berries and other tasty tart can be found in the game like: gummy bear, pudding, pie, frozen treat, diamonds, crystals, confection, jewels and caramel!
- Lots of tasty levels to choose to play in the Candy Kingdom!
- Similar graphics like Jelly the crush saga!
- Match candy that contain bonus time and you will double your score instantly!
- Match 3 or more sweet candy that have the same color to blast them all!
- Create Deliciously combos with pastry and caramel!
- Similar gameplay to other pastry or bakery games in which you have to match other color bonbons!

Become a candy legend by matching and collecting every combo in Fruit Forest Crush Link 3 and this deliciously puzzle adventure game will become candy splash!The forest is full of fruits and the evil bear will try to steal the honey and the tasty fruits from you!

Download Fruit Forest Crush Link 3 and you will start your tasty quest in the marvellous candy paradise and wonderland!

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