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Gorillas HD

퍼블리셔: Amanda Gates
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 0.99 USD
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Welcome to Gorillas!

Claim your territory by fending off competing gorillas with bananas and coconut bombs, but watch out for birds, aircraft, and changing wind!

Your mission is to vanquish your opponent by varying the angle and velocity of your throw, taking into account wind speed and direction, gravity, and the city skyline. The wind speed is shown by a directional arrow at the top of the playing field.

You have available to you the following weapons:

Single banana: this is the most basic type of weapon, and explodes on contact. Does 15 points worth of damage.

Bunch of bananas: this is a more advanced weapon, which splits into 3 bananas when the screen is tapped. This can do anywhere from 15 to 45 points worth of damage, depending on how many of the bananas hits your opponent.

Coconut bomb: the most lethal type of weapon! Coconuts bounce off buildings, and explode only 2 seconds after initial impact with a building. They explode on-contact with gorillas, however. Coconuts are useful when you wish to ricochet off of buildings, or when you need a lethal "death blow" to take out your opponent.

Game features include:

* 1-player and 2-player modes

* ability to change the gravity

* star ratings for each level, based on how many throws it takes you to vanquish your opponent

* ability to change between "arm pull-back" throwing method, and manually inputting the angle and velocity

Gorillas is inspired by the classic Q-BASIC game of Gorillas from years ago. With fun graphics, and plenty of interesting cityscapes, we hope that you'll enjoy our modern take on this old favorite!

Good luck!


Developers! I'm now making 100% of the source code for this app available at the following URL:

This app was created using the Corona SDK.


conquer castle amanda amanda's corona gorillas birds hd catapults catapult the gates gates walkthrough angry birds action gorrilla conquer

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