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퍼블리셔: Intelectiva
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 1.99 USD
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Version without ads.
Grocery Lists – Make Shopping Simple and Smart will be your new favorite smartphone app for managing all your grocery and shopping lists. It’s well-designed and easy to use task management app, it makes shopping for groceries simpler and easier. You will save time scanning endless supermarket aisles and money by cutting down on ‘extra’ purchases.
Take a picture of a ready-made shopping list or upload from your gallery and choose between our pencil and highlighter to organize your checklist! Draw on your photo!
Create a list and group items into categories or organize your list manually
Create multiple lists such as bakery and pie, dairy or milk, meat, frozen food, and so on.
Add notes, select and edit items on your lists.
Change an item’s category or move to a different list, copy it, cross or uncross items from your check list, or delete items completely.
Keep lists consistent between multiple members of a family, your spouse, husband or wife and children by sharing a picture of the shopping list via text, e-mail or WhatsApp.
Grocery List is the simplest way to create or organize basic shopping lists and to replace your paper list so that you can help save the environment by having an electronic list instead of writing on paper! Do not forget to share an image of your shopping list on Facebook or Instagram with your friends!
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take quick notes smart todo list 할일 체크리스트 쇼핑 메모 easy and smart 냉장고를 부탁해 목록관리 냉장고 관리 doodle pro recipe grocery list 식료품 나만의냉장고 쇼핑관리 recipes grocery list 쓰기메모 쇼핑 목록 smart note 체크리스트 take note grocery lists

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