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Heads and Tails

평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

An Australian designed App for everyone! With the iconic Australian Penny as the 'head & 'tail' for the traditional game of Heads 'n' Tails or for the great Aussie Digger's game of Two-Up.

Two-up is a game that was traditionally played by Australian soldiers during the first World War. It involves a 'Spinner' who uses a small piece of wood known as a ‘Kip’ to throw two or three coins into the air in which players gamble on the outcome. This can be both heads up, both tails up, or one head and one tail.

How to play

Use your iPhone as a ‘Kip’ to toss your virtual two-up pennies into the air.
Play by yourself or with a group of friends and have flipping good time!


• Hold your iPhone/iPod/iPad in an upward position placing your thumb over the icon marked ‘PLACE THUMB HERE’. It will then announce ‘COME IN SPINNER’ which signifies that you are ready to flip.

• Call Heads or Tails.

• Toss the pennies by a flick of your wrist in the upward position.

Please note that this application is purely for FUN!

- Enable/Disable sound with various sound options.
- Various backgrounds.
- Toggle between Heads 'n' Tails (1 coin) and Two-Up (2 coins).
- Enable/Disable vibration.
- Flip, shake or touch the phone to flip the coin(s).
- iPad compatible

Use Heads and Tails as an assistant to make hard decisions, to peacefully settle a disagreement or simply as a fun game of two-up!

This app requires iOS version 9 or newer.

"Should our team kick with the wind to start??" - Flip for it with Heads ‘n’ Tails!

"Do we get pizza or fish 'n' chips tonight??" - Flip for it with Heads ‘n’ Tails!

"Do we watch my movie or yours??" - Flip for it with Heads ‘n’ Tails!

Disclaimer: Developer is not responsible for any decisions made using this application (app). Choice of following the random option given is at the sole discretion of the person using this app. This app is designed for fun only and is not intended for gambling purposes.

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