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헬기 비행 시뮬레이터 - Helicopter Pilot 3D Simulator

퍼블리셔: Transylgamia
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호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Are you looking for one of the best helicopter simulation game to test you flying skills and have an amazing time piloting it across the mountain skyline? You have to know that you are in the right place. Download the game, buckle up and learn how to fly your heli.

Helicopter Pilot 3D Simulator Game brings you on the closest flying experience through the mountain skyline in a helicopter sim. Become the latest sport helicopter pilot and fly through dangerous obstacles, navigate your way from the helipad through various checkpoints and complete each adventure-filled level. Pilot safe and avoid crashes, otherwise you need to reply your mission.

The aforesaid flight sim game comes up with 24 fun-filled levels that will train you to become the best helicopter pilot out there. So, do you think you have what it takes to control your chopper and skillfully fly it through the treacherous mountain rocks and circles before the timer runs out? This exciting flying sim game will bring you to the closest flight experiences and one of the most fun flying copter adventures. If you're excited about flying helicopters, you'll love playing Helicopter Pilot 3D Simulator. Waste no more time and get ready for this helidroid air race!

- Ultra realistic 3D graphics and animations;
- Tons of real-life sport helicopters;
- Fun and entertaining missions;
- Immersive scenario;
- Addictive gameplay;
- Intuitive mobile controls;

Try out this off the hook game and CONNECT WITH US by simply rating and review our game, as we are always looking to improve it!


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