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Heroes of the Dark

퍼블리셔: Gameloft
가격: 무료 인 앱 구매 추가

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Dive into a strategy RPG that offers an immersive experience of the Victorian Era's dark mysteries, combined with deep strategy gameplay and dynamic RPG battles. No more nameless troops—an elite squad of Heroes awaits your commands!

Explore a grim Victorian world in which an unprecedented act of war destroyed the Moon! Now, elite Vampiric masters of arcane knowledge, tribes of Werewolves, and the last surviving Humans fight for powerful Moon Crystals, and control over the Heart of Tenebris, an immense moon artefact that controls the tides of fate!
When the entire world is ruled by fire and there is chaos everywhere, it is up to your strategy to gather a squad of epic Heroes and wage battles against the forces of evil.


• Discover the dynamics of a magic, war-ravaged Earth where Vampires, Werewolves and Humans come together in broken alliances, as heroes and villains. Can you rise and unite the forces to restore world order?

• Recruit, develop, and gear up a cross-species team of Humans, Werewolves, and Vampires—each with their own story and set of talents.
• Optimise your class-based squad for powerful synergies and outsmart the enemy. Which Heroes will protect you and your allies against strong enemies? Which Heroes will cast their spells from the back and ensure that victory comes your way? You are the leader that needs to rise and lead your armies to glory!

• Play with other Vampires and Werewolves! Fight or recruit them to your cause.
• An adventure you have never seen before! Work with your alliance and expand your empire by capturing precious Crystal fragments, whole map regions, and ultimately the Heart of Tenebris itself—the key to the Empire!
• The Kingdom is waiting for you to conquer and sit on its throne.

• Which legendary Heroes will you trust? The cunning Vampires that have always looked for their own gains, the fierce Werewolves that are looking for their new king after the Moon’s destruction, or the Humans—with their innovative technology—who want the Kingdom for themselves?
• Discover the best equipment for your Heroes.
• Forge your gear, upgrade your stats, and lead your armies to battle!

• Rise from the ashes and rebuild your ancient base. Protect your Mansion at all costs.
• Upgrade it into an unstoppable HQ for your Quest, and a haven where all species can co-exist in peace!
• Rule the Kingdom from the Throne in your Mansion. Only you can defend it from your enemies. Make sure you pick your allies carefully.

• Fight in quick, strategic 5v5 battles.
• Explore dangerous Dungeons and go on mysterious Quests to win great rewards.
• Team up with your alliance for epic all-out alliance wars. Can your alliance rise to the top?
• The battlefield awaits—are your Heroes ready?

For fans of MMO RPG strategy, multiplayer combat, PvP, epic quests and being the global dominating force!
Download Heroes of the Dark™ now for free and forge your path to eternal glory!

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