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앱 설명

HitFactor is a fantastic app that lets you analyze your shooting technique to understand how you can improve it.

This is done by recording the shooting with the app and then using the app to analyze different aspects of the shooting. You can also compare two shooting videos to get some feedback of your training.

Once you’ve finished analyzing the video, you can send it to your Mac via Air Drop, or share with friends or coach using any social network.

You can analyze 5 trial videos for free each month. If you enjoy it and want analyzing more, subscribe to Hitfactor, subscription will renew automatically. You can easy cancel subscription, anytime you want.


In-App Subscriptions - payment conditions:

A subscription gives you opportunity to analyze unlimited number of videos per month. You can choose a period of subscription - monthly, quarterly or yearly. The longer period you choose, the cheaper subscription is. This amount will be charged automatically each month (for monthly subscription, each quarter for quarterly, year for yearly) unless the function 'Auto Renewal' is deactivated from the iTunes Account Settings on your device, no later than 24 hours before your subscription period runs out. You can read more about subscription in our Terms of Use.

Terms of Use can be found at: http://doubletapp.ru/hitfactor-terms-of-use/
Privacy Policy located at http://doubletapp.ru/hitfactor-privacy-policy/

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