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iCalculator+ - keep lock private photo vault safe

퍼블리셔: Jia Lu Yao
가격: 무료 인 앱 구매 추가
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

The Best and Most private photo and video App for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
With it, you can lock and manage your private photos, videos and other files very easily!
HeyCalculator provides multiple security mechanisms, and perfectly keeps your privacy away from peeping eyes.
What everyone can see is just an ordinary calculator.
No need to worry about people accidentally stumbling across your 'SPECIAL' photos, videos, files and more.

Some of the features:
1) Convenience:
√ Fast iTunes File Sharing Sync.
√ Easy WiFi Transfer.
√ Import from Photo App(Camera Roll).
√ In App Camera.

2) Security:
√ Password is needed when access photo&video privacy.
√ Decoy Password - Sometimes if a nosy person realize that this app is not just a calculator but a photo vault. He/She might beg you to enter your password to see what is inside. By having a Decoy Password, you can tell this nosy person your Decoy Password and it will open up to a different set of albums.
√ Hidden feature - Special way to make files&folders invisible.
√ Calculator style UI to deceive the intruder.

3) More than you can imagine:
√ Use as a normal calculator App.
√ Password lock & Touch ID.
√ More protections to keep people away from your private folders.
√ Send files via email.
√ Send photos via MMS.
√ Export photos/videos to photo library.
√ Export files/folders to computer.
√ Wi-Fi web access for download and upload. Support viewing files on browser and uploading multiple files at a time.
√ Image gallery.
√ Slideshow.
√ High-efficient file manager.
√ In App Photo Editor.
√ In App Video Player.
√ Support multiple formats
-- Image:jpg,jpeg,gif,png,bmp,tiff,tif,ico,cur
-- mov,mp4,m4v,3gp

* * * * * *
All your photos stored in private Photo vault are 100% private. Your photos are only stored on your device and are never uploaded to our servers.

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