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섬 속도 자동차 레이싱 - 극단적 인 운전

퍼블리셔: Ahmed Malik
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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랭킹 다운로드 - iOS - 대한민국
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앱 설명

Do you enjoy top speed car chases, real drift road challenges & other extreme car racing games with smashing & crashing action that they show in movies or on TV? Satisfy your passion for car racing, real car drifting & acrobatic maneuvering in Drive turbo speed car racing 3D.
Live your life a quarter mile at a time in extreme car racing game -Real turbo speed car drive! Become a real highway super car racer to smash & crash your car through the extreme asphalt tracks and drive turbo super sports cars at top speed to beat racing rivals in the next top trending free real speed racing game: Drive turbo super car race.
The best motor racing game awaits you in the mad car racing arenas! Race & chase your opponent car racer to become a car driving expert & master each of the racing game modes as a top notch fury road racer in extreme asphalt game.
In Turbo driving racing 3d game there's no "fuel" that you have to wait for. No "delivery time" for turbo fast super sports car. Every elite super car is competitive. It's all about your skill and dedication. Chase, smash & crash into your opponents and see the full physics and damage emerge in front of your eyes even when playing in offline real turbo driving race against rivals. Enjoy an advanced driving & physics engine, using drifting & speeding around the maps like an extreme turbo stunts pro racer! Remember, the crazier you’re driving the faster you’ll go.
Setting a new standard in visuals, top Real drive turbo speed car racing game delivers hyper-real drag racing & mad race car drifting to the palm of your hand. Hop in the super elite car of your dreams in top real racing game of 2017; take extreme bends at max speed and race down the legendary high speed highways in this hugely popular new top speed car driving and racing game!
It is time to hit the roads! This Real Car race Experience is a true-to-life automotive journey featuring the most prestigious cars in the world! You'll be right in the middle of all the action, racing some of the best super car rides out there; Enjoy the most thrilling extreme stunt car racing for adrenaline fueled racing action on the best highway race tracks. Complete Extreme drift car racing challenges at over 180 mph! Just make sure nobody gets to drive ahead of you!
You can win money, perform spectacular extreme car drifting stunts or buy real speed super cars to beat your racing rivals. The gameplay is easy; you just need quick reflexes and a good control over the super turbo sports car extreme racer to get through different action filled levels in drift car city racer. Tired of boring drag race games, city car drifting games, city racing traffic games, real traffic rush games, endless running games and off road jump racing game simulators? Join the super cars turbo league. Install the brand new top free racing game simulator to experience frantic action and burning hot wheels- race off! The beautiful sunny weather, dusky dawn or the dark city night sky with the extreme asphalt track & the realistic sounds as the engine reverberates, add more realism to your sports car real race drive. So can you steer, race and finish the extreme racing game laps before your highway racing master rivals? Let’s see how far you can go!

- Tilt your device to steer left or right of the racing track
- Use accelerate button on the right side to speed up
- Apply brakes/reverse with the brake button to the lower left of the screen
- Turbo Speed booster button is on left side of the screen

Island Car Racing FEATURES:
- Meticulously detailed turbo fast super cars
- Smooth and realistic super car controls
- Cool 3D graphics and visual effects
- Realistic driving experience
- Real mad car race competition
- Free clash racing on superb racing tracks
- Different racing environments with day, evening & night view
- Fast paced gameplay
- A furious racing tribute!

차운전게임 고속도로 현실적인게임 extreme car stunts 3d 현실적인 fastest game 차속도 extreme speed car in 2017 malik's malik 니트로 top games 2017 끝이없는 끝이 없는 게임 극단적 인 driving car 2017 가장 빠른 묘기 drift racer real racer

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