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퍼블리셔: Fast-Devs Project
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 1.99 USD
호환성: iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch

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앱 설명

iWindRose² is a unique app, optimized for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple Watch, which allows you to know all the winds, their history, and forecasts.

Use this application to be informed about the history, the direction and forecasts of winds, especially in the maritime areas. It will be useful especially to everyone who practice water sports such as surfing, kitesurfing, diving, etc.
Check the forecasts from the application before choosing to make an exit by boat.

The most important features of iWindRose² are:
• information on your geographical position;
• real-time weather in your location (it requires an internet connection);
• set of information regarding the Sun and the Moon (also available offline);
• dynamic and adjustable wind rose;
• description and history about the more important winds;
• wind and sea force scales;
• force scales searchable on Spotlight;
• weather information from different weather services;
• rich notifications for each update of the Meteomar forecasts;
• widget for the notification center for all forecast;
• stickers for iMessage

Weather service providers available:
• MeteoAM;
• LaMMA;
• OpenWeatherMap;
• VentuSky.

In addition, thanks to the compatibility with Apple Watch it is possible to have the weather forecast in real time always at your fingertips (it needs a connection with iPhone)!




• DEGREE -1: the display of this writing (at the right top of the wind rose) means that the application is not able to correctly determine the rotation of the device. This may be due to an incorrect functioning of the geolocation system (try to close and reopen the app) or to an incorrect configuration of the location services within the "Settings" app of the device ( in this case, check that the "Compass calibration" option has been enabled in Settings -> Privacy -> Location -> System services).

ATTENTION: all the weather forecasts information provided by iWindRose² are retrieved through the link to the respective official websites. Any shortcomings, inaccuracies or technical problems are to be attributed to the websites and not to the application. Any structural changes to official websites could lead to an incorrect application, which will be resolved with a future update as soon as possible.

Trademarks, names and logos belong to their respective owners. iWindRose² and its owner are not connected to the various weather forecast services. The author assumes no responsibility for the correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided by the application.


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