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Juventus TV

가격: 무료
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Juventus TV is a new on-demand platform (available via desktop and mobile app) offering Juventus supporters and all football fans unprecedented access to the Juventus world. From training-ground footage to exclusive images of new signings, Juventus TV lets you follow the action live and get up close to the stars. Subscribers will be able to enjoy highlights and full repeats of UEFA Champions League, Serie A TIM and Coppa Italia games in exceptional detail, and use the Multi-Cam to watch the action back from different angles.

Just a few hours after the final whistle, Juventus TV will bring you highlights, interviews and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the stadium – where, when and how you want it!
The platform has been optimised for mobile use – and can be used on smartphones with the dedicated app – so that you can enjoy the Juve experience wherever you are.

The platform includes:
• Matches: UEFA Champions League, Serie A TIM and TIM Cup matches with integrated minute-by-minute stats and the chance to watch games using the Multi-Cam.
• Highlights: Comprehensive highlights packages with integrated minute-by-minute match stats and data.
• Behind the scenes: A whole world of exclusive Juventus content, from behind-the-scenes action to classic matches, press conferences, interviews and entertainment videos.
• CR7: A section dedicated entirely to Cristiano Ronaldo, including an exclusive interview and videos from his first few days as a Juve player.
• History: Classic matches, interviews with Bianconeri legends and the chance to relive the most thrilling moments in the club’s history.
• Kids: Fun content for youngsters.

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