KaleidoScope FilterCam

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호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

This APP is the camera application that can take photos with the art filter chosen by a shake action.
・When activate the app, 9 photos through 9 different filters are displayed side by side on the screen like kaleidoscope.
・When you shake the iPhone, another 9 photos through next 9 different filters comes out on the screen.
・This app comes in twenty seven different art filters which have been carefully selected.
・When you tap the one of a small screen with each filter, the camera using the selected filter starts.

The functions of this app are as followings.
- you can select a focus position and an exposure adjustment position respectively by tapping each point on the preview screen.
- When you tap on the screen, two markers come out at the tapped position.
- You can move each marker separately to the positions you want by dragging.
- You can adjust the parameters in some filters such as the filter strength.
- you can zoom by a pinch gesture.
- You can select high, medium or low resolution.
- You can select back camera or face camera. (only models with a face camera)
- You can select instant shutter or 2-second timer shutter.
- The forced light emission is available.
- The taken photos is stored in the camera roll and the app.
- It displays the list of the photos taken.
- You can process the images by about sixty kinds of filters such as brightness adjustment, contrast, blur, sharpen, sepia, black and white, edge detection, sketch, etc.
- you can post the photos which you have taken to facebook and twitter.

This app includes the following open sources.
AQGridView(Copyright(c)2010-2011, Kobo Inc.) and GPUImage(Copyright (c) 2012, Brad Larson, Ben Cochran, Hugues Lismonde, Keitaroh Kobayashi, Alaric Cole, Matthew Clark, Jacob Gundersen, Chris Williams. All rights reserved.)

It does not guarantee reliably taking pictures in any case.
We are not able to offer compensation for any damages or losses that may occur during its operation.

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