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퍼블리셔: Keeano PC
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

-Meet keeano the first crowdsourcing-based Personalized Social Coastline Guide, that ranks more than 36.500 spots based οn your personal interests, Mood, Needs and way of transportation around the Coastlines globally!

Why should I use keeano?

Join our active community and start creating new or editing existing Coastal places, spanning from beaches, Marinas and Mooring spots to Caves, Boat Yards and designated fishing areas, by also uploading photos, creating Reviews or even Up Voting/Down Voting others keeaneers reviews!

See more than the typical place Information! Is the beach Pet friendly? Is it suitable right now to Surf? What’s the weather like? Is free Wi-Fi available at the beach? What’s the max depth of that port? In what VHF channel should I contact the port? No question about a place in keeano, stays unanswered! Enjoy our personalized “Place Ranking” system and see how each place ranks based on your Interests or contribute by editing the existing information!

Your transportation, your Interests, your personalized keeano experience!
Traveling by city or off-road car? Sailing Vessel or maybe Pleasure craft? Add your way(s) of transportation and find out which places suit you best, around the Coastline.

Introducing Interests! Move your personalization a step further, by adding your preferred activities or ways at the Coastline, with options spanning from Camping, Clubbing and fishing to Scuba diving, Pet-Owning, Snorkeling and many more.

Get Reports for everything occurring on the Coastline!
Jellyfish? Beach Pollution and high Occupancy? Live boats around the Coastline now? Water pollution and damages to showers at the beach? What about a great beach party or Sea Turtles hatching?
Stay informed about everything occurring on the coastline near you or your Favorite bookmarked places! Through keeano you may also find live weather, wind reports and see other keeaneers live reports of incidents or share your own report for every place!

Your Mood matters!
Introducing Moods: Discover the most innovative way to interact with the map, by using Moods!
Feeling like partying? Switch to Party Mood and discover which places around the coastline rank better and match your Party Mood! Want to check some isolated beach on the island? Switch to Remote Mood and explore hidden places across the coastline. And if you are feeling hungry? There’s a Mood for that!

Because it’s all about your personal experience of the Coastlines!

Keeano – The Social Coastline Guide

For more information about the App and it’s features follow us on Facebook and Instagram @keeanoapp or navigate to our website :

coastline seas island summer travel

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