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La Alhambra Guía Oficial

퍼블리셔: TF Editores
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앱 설명

Download the Official Guide to the Alhambra in your mobile, prepare your visit and enjoy the most complete information while you explore the monument. Choose how you navigate: using the map, where you will find all the points of interest geolocated along with your position; or using the list of highlights that allows you to gradually discover each and every one of the secrets this monumental complex conceals.

You can explore the more than 655,000 sq. m of the Alhambra through the seven established routes included in the application or create your own customised route with your favourite locations. What is more, you can jot down anything that particularly grabs your attention by adding a note to your route and share all the information provided by the application on your networks.

Thanks to the more than 200 photographs – including historical images by the great photographers of the Alhambra – and tiered information, you can learn the most important facts while you are there and read about them in greater detail after your visit. If you are the kind who is fond of history, the Chronology section provides in-depth knowledge about the historical events that have occurred at the Alhambra over the centuries.
Don’t miss any of the activities organised by the Council of the Alhambra – the Agenda will keep you up to date. You will find all the details needed to plan your visit in the Information section: opening hours, ticket purchases, the weather in Granada, entrances, etc.

The application is available in Spanish and English.

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