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Luxor Blackjack – Free, Live Card Tournaments!

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앱 설명

Experience exciting, LIVE Blackjack like you’ve never seen before in the #1 FREE to play social Blackjack game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! Get 5,000 FREE CHIPS when you download now!

Play, chat, and compete with your friends in live, HD tournaments as you’re swept into the land of the pharaohs! Unlock thrilling new tournaments as you level up – like Ra’s Ascension and Treasure of Osiris – and place Side Bets to win even more!

• Play FREE with up to 4 friends at a table
• Get free chips every 4 hours & lots of giveaways
• Choose multi-table tournaments or quick-play games
• Place exclusive Side Bets on suited Blackjacks
• Level up to unlock exciting new high-stakes tournaments
•Weekly Leaderboard Prizes of up to 1 MILLION chips
• Check the rankings in real-time on the Tournament Leaderboard
• Send free gifts, chat and join your buddies with one tap
• Connect with Facebook to add buddies and find friends fast
• Vivid HD graphics and animations


“Playing Blackjack has never been so easy or so fun”

“For card enthusiasts looking for an easy way to play blackjack by themselves or socially, this app will do the trick.”


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