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魔幻粒子 - 浪漫表白

퍼블리셔: Yang Cao
가격: 무료 인 앱 구매 추가
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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랭킹 다운로드 - iPhone - 대한민국
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앱 설명

Magic Particle, combines art, science, music, imagination and universe in one, to give you a new experience in playing game.
As a casual game, Magic Particle provides thousands of particles displaying different patterns with the movement of your fingers. Once you set gesture sequence to patterns, you may get the patterns displayed in particles with tapping corresponding gesture sequence on the screen in Magic Particle.

- Custom patterns supported. Stretching your imagination and creativity with drawing freely on the board, you may display the universe and emotion in your mind.
- Default patterns provided. Various cartoon characters, nature landscape, and particle effects in Magic Particle for you to choose.
- Multi-touch supported. With the composition of different numbers of fingers touching on the screen, you may get the corresponding patterns. Of course, you need to set the gesture sequence to the pattern. Five touch is the maximum to support on the phone. (In idle state, there are random patterns displaying on the home page)
- Custom music supported. Smoothing music playing in the background, which makes you feeling like in a dreamful world. Also, you may upload songs to Magic Particle through a computer.
- Particles settings supported. Numbers, size, colors and so on of particles, can be set in the settings.
- Recording supported. Record a video with patterns you make on your own, and share it to your friends to show your love to them or your missing them.
- Relax & Create. By creating a environment with smoothing music, mysterious universe, and your creativity, Magic Particle help you to relax and inspire your creativity.

- Gesture, set a easy gesture sequence for you to use.
- Record, you may encounter a force close when recording, please update your iPhone system to the newest version.
- Music, you need a computer to upload songs to Magic Particle, check tutorial in the app.
- Text, choose ‘A’ in the drawing board to input text in a pattern.

Thank you for your support, and your courage is the force of our moving forward. Please contact us if you have any suggestion to Magic Particle, we will reply to you asap, and try our best to fix the bugs and issues.
WeChat: mohuanliziapp

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