Mermaid Secrets4-Sea Crash

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Mermaid Secret High School Love Story! Mermaid Princess Games for Girls!
There are spreading rumors about Eric and Mia are dating as they were coming to school together. Alan was in anger. He believes that no one can take Mia from him. He tried to use his own way to win Mia's heart back. Will Mia be able to re-embrace Alan? The Surfing competition will be held in South Ocean school next week. Everyone was so excited about it. Eric well prepared for the competition, he is most likely to win the championship.
Oh, No. There is an emergency situation happened and Eric is in danger ! Help, Help!

1.Listen to Eric's story about the lost necklace and figure out whether he was the little boy saved your life before?
2. It's not the right time to move on from friend zone to love zone!
3. Bath time now! Go for a warm bath and have a nice dream!
4. You're on duty today! Let's clear up the messy classroom!
5. Get well prepared and Eric might be the champion this year.
6.Show off your smoothie making skills at the smoothie bar.
7.Let your creativity shine with our surfing competition!
8.Design your own surfboard to catch a wave.
9. Pick out an excellent outfit !Everyone knows that a surfer is only as good as him gear.
10. Someone is drowning in the sea! Accidents happened at the finals. Rescue him Now!

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