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앱 설명

Audio available in English.

French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian and Mandarin Chinese are available with an in-app purchase.

Looking for a new and innovative way to teach your child the English alphabet? Are you looking to help build your child’s vocabulary? Do you want to help your children learn words in additional languages as well as in English?

This App provides an interactive and fun way to learn the English alphabet where it's as easy as uploading your own photos and labeling the words yourself to create your very own alphabet book for your child.

If your child loves looking at photos of his favorite people, places, and things, and also enjoys engaging activities where they can interact with letters, sounds, and pictures, this App provides a personalized learning experience and lets you choose the images to use based on what your child will like the most. Then have fun customizing the pages in your child's alphabet book by designing the page layout, setting colors, and selecting animation effects.

Choose from preloaded images with corresponding English words, or create your own pictures and words such as "M is for Mommy" and "G is for Grandma". Kids will love hearing the sound of familiar voices, seeing a photo of recognizable faces or objects, as they start to learn and associate the letters of the alphabet with the words they already know and use every day.

Older children will also enjoy this App to build upon their basic alphabet skills and then progress to learn more advanced word recognition skills. With an In-App purchase, kids will be able to learn words in multiple languages. They can even help label photos of common items around your household, and then practice identifying the word with the picture.


* Child tested and approved; universal app for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.
* Preloaded ABCs book plus an additional book for you to customize.
* More than 100 preloaded images, containing with animation and professionally recorded audio.
* Letters, words and audio are all in English.
* In-App purchases are available for a 2nd custom book and additional audio languages, including Spanish, French and more.
* Access to your photo library and device camera to create or upload your own pictures
* Share your creations with friends and family on Facebook or via E-Mail.


* Customizable pages for each letter of the alphabet where you can select any of the preloaded images, or use photos from your iPad or iPhone.
* Record either your or your child's voice pronouncing the custom images.
* Arrange each page exactly how you want by selecting the pictures to display and choosing the size and location of each picture.
* You can even customize the background color, text color, and image animation.
* Personalize the title of your books with your child’s name.


* Cover page with an interactive alphabet where you can turn over letters and images to reinforce learning.
* All books have 26 pages with each page containing interactive words, images and letters that play audio when pressed.
* Choose "Read to Me" automatic playback mode, or let your child control all of the action.

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