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Winbank Mobile (New)

퍼블리셔: Piraeus Bank S.A.
가격: 무료
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Using the new winbank mobile application, you can perform all your transactions more easily and effortlessly than ever.

· With a vertical scroll you can view all product categories and with a horizontal scroll you can view the products in each category.

· Easily perform transactions, like:
- Money transfer to an account at a Bank in Greece or abroad
- Bill Payment
- Card payment (Piraeus Bank or other Banks)
- Information and top-up of prepaid cards
- Mobile top-up
- Issuing e-Administrative fee
- Send instant cash, for cash withdrawal from any Piraeus Bank ATM without a card
- Personalized information on the available yellow points for redemption

· Investments
- Browse your investment products (stocks, bond, mutual funds, repos, portfolio details).

· Security management
- Allowing the app’s notifications, the extraPIN code is automatically received and submitted by your device when needed for your transactions. You just confirm the transaction using your quick login, saving time while increasing security.
- Setup additionally security features for quick login (4 digit PIN), fingerprint authentication, or facial authentication (for compatible devices)
- Change password credentials

· Transaction shortcuts on winbank mobile new icon 3D Touch Transaction shortcuts
- You can now initiate a transaction directly from the winbank mobile app icon on your home screen, by pressing firmly the icon (3D Touch), (available for Transfer to own, Transfer to other and Pay Bill).

· Block-unblock for cards

· Export information
- You can export to a pdf file the terms of use you have accepted in order to activate and use a service and send it to an email of your choice.

· Reissue password
- Log in to the application through quick login, and issue a new password or follow the reissue password procedure from the login screen.

· Send username
- In the username input screen, follow the process to send your username to your mobile phone.

· Push notifications
Receive push notifications for the following transactions, instead of SMS:
- Open a time deposit “Do it yourself”
- Purchase a Bill Payments package exofLISI
- Enter a post-date transfer to a third party
- Transfer to a third party
- Enter a post-date remittance
- Remittance execution
- Change the extraPIN mobile
- Payment failure

· Login to yellowday app through winbank mobile
- Login to yelloday app directly through the winbank mobile app, browse the big brands offers and complete your purchases quickly and easily.

· Find and view on a map branches, ATMs and easypay kiosks.

The new winbank mobile application is currently available for all Piraeus Bank individual customers.

In case you do not have winbank web banking credentials yet, please sign up online*, easily and for free, via web or via the new winbank mobile app.

For any information, or assistance in your Banking experience, you can contact us through:
· e-mail:
· Phone: 182838 or +3021088000 (from abroad)

The service is provided under the current restrictions on capital transfers.

* Requires an active debit card (and its PIN) and your mobile phone number that you have registered at Piraeus Bank.

winbank piraeus s bank

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